The Snowbirds by SnowTheBard


Based in Materia, the Snowbirds Octet can perform across all DCs in NA! With a diverse repertoire encompassing various genres, we excel at tailoring our performances to suit your event perfectly.Do you have specific songs in mind? Or perhaps there's a piece you'd like to play with your friends? SnowTheBard can help arrange and transcribe your music, allowing you to play it with friends or incorporate it into your gigs!

Upcoming Concerts

Tues June 1110pm-11pm ESTHuckleberry Saloon - Crystal | Diabolos | LB W29 P36
Sunday June 238:15pm-9pm AESTKami Karnage X MOON FC Dawntrail Party - Materia | Sephirot | Shirogane W20 P7


FridayET 10pm-LATE (8am)
SaturdayET 6pm-LATE(8am)
Tuesday10pm-LATE (8am)

Hiring and Commissions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Snow will be on Hiatus from June 28 (the start of Dawntrail) until August to play through Dawntrail and do some background work to streamline and update the band and website; during this time, I will not be taking private gigs or song commissions.

Band Hire1mil Gil per hourUp to a maximum of 3 Hours - minimum of 1 hour and can be in 30 minute blocks. The size of the band will depend on the venue and requirements (Surcharges will apply for longer)
Band Hire (Priority)2mil Gil per hourNeed a band on short notice? We can be hired at a higher rate on less than 72 hours notice.
Song Commission2m+ GilWould you like a particular song to be played, or would you like it arranged for yourself and/or your friends to play? Price will depend on the complexity and length of the music.
Song Commission (Priority)10m+ GilDo you need a song in a short time (less than a week)? We might be able to accommodate you, but due to the stress involved, expect this to be at a much higher rate!

Regarding Song Commissions

Do note that Song Commissions will eventually be released for general public use on the FFXIV Bard Midi Library (usually in 1-3 months). You can share your commissions with your friends, but please do not release them to a public MIDI library without prior discussion.The time before general public release is for polishing/fixing the piece - any updates to such a song arrangement will be provided to the commissioner free of charge.NOTE: Currently Song Commissions are NOT open.